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The support of courtyard initiatives in Zhodino

One of the heroic courtyards of Zhodino needs help.

The Belarusian protest movement has been concentrated in courtyards for more than 3 months. Yard activists hang up flags and ribbons, post flyers, publish independent media, shoot videos and, of course, marching. Courtyard initiatives are under great pressure, because for the regime, unpunished walks of citizens and activities in courtyards are a real threat.

Today one of the courtyards of Zhodino needs help, it has been openly protesting for more than six months. To print independent media and stickers, the guys need a set of cartridges and paper for a total of 1,490 rubles.

You can now support the Zhodino courtyard and other courtyards of the country on the BYSOL website, where a collection of assistance for courtyard initiatives is already open (

If your yard also takes part in the movement and needs help or financial support - fill out an application using the bot - @dvor_bysol_bot.
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