BYSOL is no longer accepting applications for relocation

Relocation program: 180 people got help in the amount of 134 624 euros
Together with our partners in Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine, we help people who temporarily left Belarus. Hundreds of destinies, hundreds of stories, thousands of outstretched helping hands to those who fled from repression.


During the relocation program, BYSOL paid off 130 000 euros of assistance to those who relocated from Belarus. Most of the payments fall on Belarusians in Lithuania. We are the only initiative that assists with financial help for such a great amount of Belarusians who fled to Lithuania.
Our partners also keep separate records and their own payments. 

Important! Our task is not to take people out of the country when all the authorities want us to leave. Our task is to help those who have left the country fleeing repression. Being an émigré and a refugee is a tough path and everyone who is going to enter it must understand that a foreign country, even as hospitable as Lithuania, is a foreign country. 


We have summed up the results of the first stage, concluded, and made a decision about the changes in the program. We declared assistance to local initiatives that work for changes in our country including structures that assist relocators. If your initiative is engaged in helping relocators you can get assistance from BYSOL. You have to submit a free application and establish your budget at [email protected]


An updated strategy replaces direct payments. We no longer accept individuals requests from the relocators, but we’ll make payments to those who applied before 26/11/2020 in case if these applications meet the following criteria:
victims of political persecution in Belarus (the episode of persecution must be no older than May 2020)
located outside of Belarus at the time of submitting an application
having confirmation about persecution from Belarusian authorities, namely:
a person is involved in a criminal case (witness, suspect, accused)
systematic administrative persecution - not less than 3 episodes (arrests, searches, summons to the Investigative Committee)
political agenda for the army (for the expelled students)
To do this, we will attract donor resources, and the application coverage rate will depend on the resource flow rate.

Many thanks to everyone who helps us to help!

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