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Help for the family of political prisoner Rymarev

I, a political prisoner Jan Rymarev was convicted of insulting an officer in a telegram chat, just left a comment under a video of people being detained just driving their cars, where everyone was being pulled out of their cars. I left a negative comment about the employee in charge of it, after which I was sentenced to 2 years of restriction of freedom, was charged under Art. 369. Despite the fact that my daughter was under three years old and my wife was on maternity leave. 

As a result I was fired from my job and sent to an open-type correctional facility #48.

In another city, and my wife and daughter were left alone.

How much is needed?

5,500€ — Personal needs (housing, utilities, food, household items), child support, help for the father serving the sentence.

The collection is over. Сollected: € 240