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Belarusians in Boston for GrodnoAzot

Belarusian diaspora in Boston, state of Massachusetts and nearby New England states (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island)

The original goal of our community was to unite Belarusians of Boston to jointly organize cultural and other events and maintain our connection to our homeland and our compatriots, as well as assist and support each other in various aspects of life.

However, in light of recent events in Belarus, Belarusians of Boston and other diasporas abroad have come together to support our people in the struggle for democracy and respect for human rights.

Specifically, Belarusians of Boston have started a campaign to raise funds for the workers of GrodnoAzot (one of the largest state-owned chemical factories) who have been subjected to persecution for their support or democracy in Belarus, as well as to provide other kinds of non-financial assistance and support to the workers.

Boston for GrodnoAzot fundraiser through Human Rights Fundation Belarus solidarity fund is for US-based donors.

Donating via HRF, a reputable US-based charity, allows to receive tax deductions on you donations under the US law, and take advantage of company match schemes.