When a person ends up in prison because he does not agree with violence and lack of rights, it is not only he who suffers. Many political prisoners have families and children left at home. 

How to tell a little person why dad or mom didn't come home today? And how to explain to the child why the parents are in a hurry to pack their things and on the weekend you will not go to the grandmother? After all, for the sake of our children, we are doing all this.

Political repression in Belarus is terrible. What can we do today? Help those who are forced to arrange their lives when a loved one is in captivity.

There is no little help. Children understand this too.

You can support families of political prisoners here:

donation on facebook (not all countries)

donation on the BYSOL web-site (use VPN in Belarus)


Team fundraising

Until August 2020, we, like all Belarusians, were engaged in our own projects, but we couldn't stay away when the country was gripped by a wave of violence and lawlessness. Now we help those who suffered at the hands of the regime.