How wonderful it is to see reminders every day that we are many and we are together. Courts send greetings to each other, record videos in support of the detainees, distribute newspapers and leaflets, write letters to political prisoners. These are the small steps that strengthen our solidarity.

For two months now we have been supporting courageous Belarusians who remind us every day that our neighborhoods belong to us. During this time, about 20 courtyard initiatives from Minsk and the regions received assistance in the amount of more than € 50,000.

Now we are launching our telegram bot to receive requests for assistance to courtyard initiatives: @dvor_bysol_bot. Start messaging – it will tell you how you can help the courtyards or get help from BYSOL in order to “run at full power”.

Communication with the bot is anonymous.

Brace yourselves – the spring is coming!

Team fundraising

Until August 2020, we, like all Belarusians, were engaged in our own projects, but we couldn't stay away when the country was gripped by a wave of violence and lawlessness. Now we help those who suffered at the hands of the regime.