Heroes are among us!
The 23th of February is the Day of the Heroes of changes. We are all and you as well. Everyone who shows its disagreement with the regime, who contributed to the daily struggle, who is a part of changes - is a hero! And you have to remember about it everywhere: at home and at work, at university and at school, in the entrance and in the yard.

Today The BYSOL team congratulates you with the Day of Heroes of the changes and declares that the real heroes are you. We made masks to put them on and remind ourselves who is the real hero here.

Step 1
Click the button and "become a hero"!
Become a hero
Step 2
Create photo
Become a hero
Step 3
post it in social media with a hashtag #каждый_герой_перемен, so that everyone can see that there are many of us💪
Become a hero
And do not forget to support our heroes
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