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The Fund was created by the co-founders of the BY_help campaign (Andrej Stryzhak, Alexey Leonchik), Belarusian diaspora and business representatives (Yaroslav Lickhachevskij) to support anyone who lost their jobs because of their beliefs and opinions, to support anyone who wants to live in free and democratic Belarus. We believe that solidarity and mutual support are the pillars of new Belarus where anyone who shares the values of mutual aid and respect of human dignity will find their place. Our solidarity is stronger than the repressions.

We support anyone who was repressed, prosecuted, or lost their jobs because of participating in strikes or peaceful protests in Belarus. We support public servants and law enforcement agencies' employees who quit their jobs to protest the violence against the demonstrators and the forgery of the Presidential elections 2020 in Belarus.
Freedom to all political prisoners and all detained and arrested for political reasons. Their full rehabilitation.
Dismissal of the former President A. Lukashenko and transition of power to the new legitimate President S. Tikhanovskaya.
Legal assessment of the actions of those who participated in repressions and forgery of the elections. Suspension from service of all law enforcement agencies' employees who will be under investigation.
If you are being threatened to be fired or if you were fired, we will support you. You will not be left alone – the People of Belarus are with you!

Chamber of Commerce number: 80190170
Stichting Belarus Solidarity Foundation
Address: Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 35, 2595AN 's-Gravenhage, The Netherlands
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